New UK Feed-in Tariff – 21p

After a period of uncertainty we now know where we are with Feed-in Tariffs for rooftop solar in the UK. Now that PV costs have come down considerably (e.g a 4kW system can now be around £7,500 as opposed to £20,000 back when the FiT was launched in April 2010) the FiT has come down too. It is now 21p/kWh for those that can demonstrate that they have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) of ‘D’ or better. Oherwise the FiT is 9p/kWh. This is to encourage people to invest in energy efficiency first.
The FiT is set to come down again in the coming months. We will be updating our software soon to reflect these changes. Our priority for the moment has been our work with the Energy Saving Trust so you can check out the Solar Energy Calculator on their site which is now updated.

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