Solar Feed-in Tariff reductions announced by DECC

Feed-in Tariff Key Figures:

On Monday the 31th October 2012, the Department of Climate and Change (DECC) announced the results of the UK Feed-in Tariff review.

Here are the key figures:

  • Feed-in Tariff (generation tariff) will be 21 p/kWh for installations after the 12th December 2011

  • The export tariff remains the same at 3.1 p/kWh as does the tariff lifetime of 25 years.

So those who have their installations complete before the 12th December will receive 43.3p/kWh over 25 years (increasing by Retail Price Index (RPI) every April). Those that have their installation completed after 12th December they will receive 43.3p/kWh until April 2012 and then 21.0p/kW for the remainder of the 25 year term.

Feed-in Tariffs have proved a success

The reductions in the solar PV Feed-in Tariff represent a 50% drop in support which may alarm some individuals and organization. Howver, Solarjuice support this decision as PV install costs have fallen considerably since the introduction of the UKs Feed-in Tariffs, back inApril 2010, and these tariff reductions are simply in-line with installation cost reductions. At the start of the Feed-in Tariff a 4.0 kW(p) solar PV roof top  installation would have set you back ~£20k and now costs are much closer £10k – which is a similar 50% drop.

The UK now has over 40,000 solar PV rooftop installs and an established network of 3000 MCS accredited PV installers to continue the good work.  Now that the ball is rolling we expect the price of a 4kW(p) installation to continue to fall.  This is a testament to the efficacy of Feed in Tariff schemes which are introduced as a temporary measure to stimulate the grow certain areas of key concern such as clean, secure, renewable energy.

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    Hello, great informative post. As well as FITs, there are also other schemes and fundings around such as Deemed Export, Enhanced Capital Allowances Scheme and Energy Grant 500… all steps in the right direction. More info can be found on our website. Cheers!

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