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Solar Feed-in Tariff reductions announced by DECC

Feed-in Tariff Key Figures: On Monday the 31th October 2012, the Department of Climate and Change (DECC) announced the results of the UK Feed-in Tariff review. Here are the key figures: Feed-in Tariff (generation tariff) will be 21 p/kWh for installations after the 12th December 2011  The export tariff remains the same at 3.1 p/kWh as […]

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The Green Deal: New Financing for Energy Efficiency and Generation

The Green Deal is billed by the government as a ‘revolutionary programme to bring our buildings up to date’ and is due to come in force in October 2012. It offers UK residents (specifically ‘bill payers’) a chance to have 100% of the upfront costs related to certain energy saving and energy generating equipment funded […]

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Thin Film and AZUR 2P coatings – IKEA and The Body Shop go solar!

Ikea and The Body Shop are amongst the big brands leading the way for solar PV in the UK. But there are many ways to juice up your building and these are two examples of very different methods. Ikea has decided to go down the thin-film road for installations on ten of its UK stores. […]

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UK Solar PV Feed-in Tariff rises from to 43.3p/kWh

Ofgem have announced the new feed-in tariff levels for the year: 1st April 2011 – 1st April 2011.  For normal solar PV installation (domestic retrofitting below 4kW) the Feed-in Tariff has risen from 41.3p/kWh to 43.3p/kWh. Tariffs are adjusted annually to reflect the changes in inflation. Ofgem use the Retail Price Index (RPI) which for 2010 was 4.8%. We have updated […]

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Energy Price Rises in the UK

What’s happening with UK Energy Prices ScottishPower announced increases in its standard domestic gas and electricity prices effective from 25th November 2010. Electricity bills will increase by an average of 8.9% (prices for gas will increase by an average of 2%).This will affect 2.5 million households.  ScottishPower is now the third of the UK’s big […]

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Solar PV and Solar Thermal Comparison – which is better?

If you are considering going for solar power on the roof of your home, you may be wondering which technology is the best option for you: Solar PV panels or Solar Thermal panels. Although they are both ‘solar panels’ these two technologies are completely different and there can often be some confusion. In simple terms, one meets the […]

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Solar Panels and Fire!

Do photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on your roof constitute a fire risk? – Solarjuice has the answer The risk of a roof or home catching fire because of a solar photovoltaic power installation is very unlikely. The MCS (microgeneration certification scheme) is in place to ensure all panels meet rigorous testing standards and installers are properly […]

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Free Solar Panel Offers – Solarjuice investigates!

Free solar panels (PV) are being offered to homeowner in the UK by a growing number of companies including: Homesun, A Shade Greener, Isis Solar and Cornish solar panel installers Plug Into The Sun. These will provide clean, green electricity to your home for 30 or 40 years to come – all for free. Sounds […]

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Can I Install My Own Solar Electric Panels?

When faced with the fairly large upfront investment cost for the installation of roof-mounted solar electric panel (photovoltaic / PV system), you would be forgiven for thinking that you could save a few quid by doing the installation yourself. Well the answer is yes it is possible to install your own solar panels on the […]

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Prince Charles goes Solar

Prince Charles has been granted planning permission to have solar PV panels on Clarence House his home in Pall Mall, London. He is to have 32 solar electric panels on the roof of the south-east wing. When your home is a 180 year old grade II listed building, like Clarence House, you need to go […]

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